Judging the Entries

Judging Procedures

  1. Judges will apply NLA standards.
  2. Judges are selected on the basis of their knowledge, integrity and objectivity.
  3. Entries are not judged against one another; rather each entry is judged on its own merit.
  4. Each entry is judged without knowledge of who entered the project; the contractor is anonymous.
  5. Judges reserve the right to change the category in which an entry is designated for consideration. Entrants will be notified.
  6. Type, size and cost of projects are not considered criteria for judging, only for the appropriate category.
  7. Each entry is judged independently on site by the judges using separate judging sheets. Judges must then reach a consensus to decide award winners of each category.
  8. Committee members cannot be judges.
  9. Awards will be presented to the top entrants, regardless of the category.

A. Installation/Renovation Entries

  1. Grading and drainage (subsurface/surface)
  2. Quality of plant installation (tree staking, mulch, elevation, selection and placement)
  3. Design / Plant palette (The quality/appropriateness of the plant material and the harmony of design within the surroundings)
  4. Quality of lawn & edging
  5. Irrigation design & water management (meet industry standards)
  6. Hardscape (as part of Installation or Renovation)
  7. Water Feature (as part of Installation or Renovation)

B. Maintenance Entries

  1. General appearance
  2. Trees (staking, pruning, tree wells, pest free). Shrubs (shearing versus proper pruning, natural form, pest free). Groundcover (within bounds, density, color)
  3. Lawn (color, mowing height, pest free)
  4. Edging (vertical versus tapered)
  5. Annuals / Perennials (color, harmony, density, species for area, mulch and surface treatment of planting beds)
  6. Irrigation (water management, coverage, scheduling, meets industry standards)
  7. Water Feature (as part of regular maintenance.)

C. Water Feature Entries

  1. Artistic design
  2. Setting and grading
  3. Form and function
  4. Blending in with landscaping
  5. Water clarity, circulation, filtration, skimming
  6. Planting and management of aquatic plants and perimeter landscape plants
  7. Flow of water or fountain (Sound, size, effect)

D. Hardscape Entries

  1. Creative use
  2. Structural integrity
  3. Blending in with surroundings
  4. Quality of material
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Drainage
  7. Form and function

E. Landscape Lighting (Judged after dusk)

  1. Design and placement
  2. Fixture use and quality
  3. Installation (Wire & Transformer)
  4. Blending with landscape
  5. Creativity and dramatic effect
  6. Safety and security
  7. Controls