Nevada Landscape Association Trophy Awards 2017

As a member of the Nevada landscape Association, I hope you will take the opportunity to enter at least one project this year. We are, once again, offering a no fee for the first entry.

The awards program started 26 years ago to recognize excellence in landscape construction and maintenance. The program presents acknowledgement to companies and members who have given exceptional performance and production to the industry and community. The entries are independently judged by experts in the field. To keep the judging fair, the entries are given to the judges categorizing the properties by number, with no identifying information. Winners are based on the overall score as calculated by the judges only.

As a winner, the recognition includes being the top in your field of expertise. The awards represent the pride these individuals and companies have for their work and their dedication to excellence and professionalism in the green industry. The prestige and pride is extended to you, your company, field workers, designers, estimators, the entire staff and the property owners. Companies can take advantage of being a winner by using this information in their marketing such as television and radio ads, promotional literature, business cards, websites, and they can proudly display trophies in their office.

I hope you will take this opportunity to promote the green industry and take pride in your work.

Don’t forget to save the date on your calendar and attend the Awards Banquet Nov. 3.

Pamela C. Bedard

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